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Our September 2010 trip to the north African country of Tunisia.

Tunis and Sfax, Tunisia Preview

Tunis and Sfax, Tunisia

Visiting sites from Tunis (the capital of Tunisia) down the coast to Sfax.
33 Photos - September 2010
Sfax and Douz, Tunisia Preview

Sfax and Douz, Tunisia

Visiting the Medina in Sfax, further down the eastern coast, finally ending …
54 Photos - September 2010
Douz and Tozeur, Tunisia Preview

Douz and Tozeur, Tunisia

From the desert oasis of Douz, across a vast salt pan to visit beautiful …
56 Photos - September 2010
Tozeur and Kairouan, Tunisia Preview

Tozeur and Kairouan, Tunisia

From Tozeur to Kairouan. Sarah and Dustin leave the Sahara and enjoy a …
41 Photos - September 2010