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These are photo albums of pictures from the country of Greece.

Athens, Greece Preview

Athens, Greece

Sarah and Dustin's first full day in the city of Athens on their honeymoon …
34 Photos - June 2008
Kalambaka and Meteora, Greece Preview

Kalambaka and Meteora, Greece

After Athens, we visited the city of Kalambaka and the nearby cliffs of …
29 Photos - June 2008
Delphi, Greece Preview

Delphi, Greece

Pictures of the small mountain city of Delphi and the nearby archaeological …
46 Photos - June 2008
Olympia and Epidaurus, Greece Preview

Olympia and Epidaurus, Greece

Our visit to the ancient sites of Olympia and Epidaurus.
40 Photos - June 2008
Nafplion and Mycenae, Greece Preview

Nafplion and Mycenae, Greece

Sarah and Dustin's trip to the ancient hilltop fortress of Mycenae. Also, …
37 Photos - June 2008
Mykonos, Greece Preview

Mykonos, Greece

Pictures from Sarah and Dustin's day on the island of Mykonos.
44 Photos - June 2008
Patmos, Greece Preview

Patmos, Greece

Our visit to the small island of Patmos.
16 Photos - June 2008
Lindos, Greece Preview

Lindos, Greece

Our visit to the city of Lindos on the island of Rhodes.
16 Photos - June 2008
Rhodes, Greece Preview

Rhodes, Greece

Our visit to the city of Rhodes, the capital of the island of Rhodes.
38 Photos - June 2008
Crete, Greece Preview

Crete, Greece

Our visit to the port town of Agios Nikolaos for a taste of the island of …
11 Photos - June 2008
Santorini, Greece Preview

Santorini, Greece

Dustin and Sarah's visit to the beautiful island of Santorini. The views …
27 Photos - June 2008
Last Day in Greece - Athens Preview

Last Day in Greece - Athens

This was our last full day in Greece. Sarah and Dustin visited some of the …
42 Photos - June 2008